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Our Community

Everyone deserves decent and affordable housing.  Like other communities across the nation, some families and individuals in Clallam County have no home. Some are chronically homeless, others experience single episodes of homelessness. 

Many factors contribute to homelessness. 
Homeless individuals and families surveyed during the point-in-time count identified the following as issues related to their homelessness:

  • Lack of income, due to unemployment, underemployment, or lack of education and job skills
  • Insufficient medical, dental, and mental health care and substance abuse treatment
  • Barriers to getting housing, such as felony records, problematic credit ratings, and poor rental histories
  • Alcohol and other drug use

To afford a two-bedroom rental at the fair market rate of $830/month, someone earning minimum wage would have to work 65 hours per week. Rents continue to rise locally; wages have not kept up with these increases.

In its 33-year history, Serenity House has continually responded to changing community needs by creating new programs and expanding existing services. In its first year, the agency served six homeless individuals at a time in an emergency shelter. Today, Serenity House serves approximately 4000 individuals per year. Serenity House is lead agency of a consortium of shelter providers, the Shelter Providers Network of Clallam County/Continuum of Care, and is the largest provider of emergency and transitional housing services in the county.

Serenity House continues to serve as the lead agency developing the Clallam County Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.

Our Community

Important Statistics:

An estimated 52% of Clallam County renters are unable to afford a 2-bedroom unit at the fair market rent (FMR). Estimated median household income is $46,033 per year.
- US Census 2014

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