Make a Difference

Donations do not have to be large to make an impact.

Why support Serenity House? Our organization provides the majority of homeless services throughout Clallam County using proven best-practice housing-first methodologies. Mental health treatment, recovery from substance abuse disorders, job searching, and education - these all become possible when our clients are first given a roof over their head.

What your donation buys:

$6 - A space blanket and tube socks for one person;

$15 - Food and shelter for one person for one night;

$40 - Two blankets for the family shelter;

$80 - A single cot for our overnight shelter;

$200 - Daily living essentials - cooking, cleaning & hygiene for two families of five.



Donations are the lifeblood of a nonprofit

While we receive the majority of our funding from grants, this money is directed toward very specific programs and resources. Your donations make it possible for us to provide vouchers and gifts cards that allow families to buy groceries for the week. That table you bought at the thrift store helped us buy a clean mattress, and toiletries, and socks for clients who showed up at our shelter with their shoes soaked through. Your generosity pays for all of the little things that grant makers don’t think of, and our clients are better off for it.

Want your donation to benefit a specific program?

Let us know in the memo when you write your check or use PayPal. We honor your requests. Your donations go directly toward funding Serenity House programs and purchasing necessities for our clients. Anything you can do helps.