Meet the Team

Dedicated to making Clallam County a little better every single day.


Program Directors


Richard Robinson
Executive Director

Robert Stark
Finance Director

Belicia Munoz
Store Director

Cora Kruger
Compliance Director

Candice Kolocheski
Director of Coordinated Entry

Jenifer Mobley
Shelter Director

Cherie Cariou
Housing Director

Anthony Boyd
YES! Coordinator

Sheree Ersland
Foundational Community Supports Director

Donny Tyler
Maintenance Director

Lacey Fry
Executive Assistant


Board of Directors


Bob Dunlap - President
Joined 2018

Bob Larsen - Vice President
Joined 2018

Gloria Kohler - Secretary
Joined 2017

J. Scott Schaefer - Treasurer
Joined 2012

Lisa DelGuzzi
Joined 2017

Mike McAvoy
Joined 2015

Amber Wheeler
Joined 2018

Elton Homan
Joined 2018